Welcome to Sew Ingenious!  It’s my little corner of the web where I am aiming to take all the confusion about sewing machines out of the buying process so that you can choose confidently and wisely what will hopefully be your best friend when it comes to sewing!

sewing machine reviewsI’m Carolyn and have been sewing for more years than I can remember now.  I love it, live and breath it!  I’m not a professional though by any stretch of the imagination, I learn every day and have so many more avenues I want to explore.  But I do have LOTS of experience and can navigate my way around most machines in a heart beat!

Beginners sewing machines

When you’re a beginner everything can look complicated and even if you have ideas and thoughts that you’ll be the next Project Runway star it pays to start small and not go for the professional machines!   I have a guide to buying the best sewing machine for beginners here.

Simplicity is the key with these machines because we have to learn by doing.  By being simple you can get started on your projects straight away, try out new stitches or revamp old clothes.  Whatever your ideas these basic machines should serve you well for quite a few years.

If you do have grand designs of what you want to do then the Brother CS6000i is a great choice that will grow with you.  It’s a computerized machine which means that you press a button and it will select the stitch for you automatically.  It’s a really easy to use machine but it’s also got lots of features.  Check out the review here.

Simple might be all you need though and if that’s the case then the Singer 1234 could fit the bill.  It’s one of the cheapest machines around yet it’s still a good, fully functional machine.  Perhaps you only want to repair clothes and want something on hand for that?  It would be perfect!  Here’s my review of it.


More to come

please stick around for more dressmaking and sewing articles – I’m so excited to help out and give back to the sewing world!