Top 5 easy clothes to sew for beginners

When you’re a beginner sewer with lots of ideas on how you want to transform your wardrobe, the potential projects out there can seem dizzying and overwhelming.  It’s always a good idea to choose some easy patterns when you are new to sewing so that you can learn the basics of pattern cutting, sewing straight seams and hemming.  With that in mind, here’s my tips for easy clothes to sew for beginners:



I guess more in the accessories section, but a headband is a great small project to work on.  It will give you great practice in sewing in straight lines, working with different fabrics and finishing off neatly.  You can never have too many headbands can you?


A skirt is the ultimate classic beginners sewing project.  You could tackle a super simple, short A line skirt or perhaps a wrap around one.  If you’re ready to learn about zips then choose something with a zip opening.  You’ll also learn about hemming, adding a waistband or perhaps even using bias binding.  There’s no end to the types of skirts around so you’ll always be learning and improving your dressmaking techniques.

Tunic top

A simple top is another nice project to get your teeth into.  You can get plenty that are really just the pattern pieces sewed together which will give you practice in hemming and finishing, especially around the sleeves.  Sleeveless will be the easiest or choose something with just two pattern pieces to put together.  If you want more interesting techniques then a pattern that has darting to give shape will be a good thing to learn.

Simple shift dress

Along the lines of a tunic top, a shift dress is generally simple lines.  It will challenge you to get your measurements right and you can learn about shaping by using darts as well as hemming and finishing.  You could also use a variety of techniques for fastening the dress such as zippers and buttons as well as lots of fabric choice ideas.

Pajama pants

My favorite of all of the beginner projects are pajama pants because it’s something that can be worn inside even if it’s not perfect!  It’s a good item of clothing to learn about sewing elasticated waistbands, making sure you’re measurements work out (I had a disaster making some in my early days that my legs couldn’t fit in!) and also for dealing with jersey fabrics if you want more of a lounge pant.


I hope that these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and give you a starting point to search patterns that are suitable for beginners.  Keep it simple while you’re starting with simple fabrics such as cotton or polycotton and you’ll not go too far wrong.  And remember that we all start somewhere – don’t fret if it doesn’t work out!  Keep trying, and let me know how you get on.


So, any ideas for what are you planning to make for your first clothing project?  Have you any other ideas of what would be easy clothes to sew for beginners and newbies?  Don’t forget to take a look at my guide to the best sewing machines for beginners too!

Brother CS6000i review – a good computerized sewing machine for beginners?

One of the most popular machines around right now is this one which is not only a good beginners machine, but is also computerized so an excellent introduction to those kind of machines as well.  If you have high hopes for the kinds of sewing you’re aiming to do this would be a good machine that will grow with you and you’d never get bored of!

Our Brother CS6000i review

The Brother CS6000i is a great example of a sewing machine that is pretty good for a great range of people.  For beginners who want to advance quickly or for advanced sewers who want a lot of bells and whistles it really caters for them all.  It’s popular with quilters, dressmakers, newbies and old hands!

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Low cost computerized sewing machine – perfect for beginners

Think of a computerized sewing machine and you’ll likely be thinking that the $ signs are going to be too much.  Not so with this excellent one from Brother – the price has really come down in the past few years and it’s now on par with some of the other sewing machines for beginners I have recommended!

You get a lot for your money with this sewing machine.  All the stitches (see below) are just the start – you also get the computerized display which means that it’s really simple to choose what stitch you want, and it’s an easy to read display.

If you’re in to quilting or would like to start you’ll also love the oversized table that makes it much easier to manoeuvre your quilts while sewing.

One of my favourite features on a sewing machine is the automatic needle threader too – I can’t do without it these days!

60 built in stitches

This seems like a lot I know and it can feel a little overwhelming with that much choice but it does mean that whatever you’re likely to be wanting to stitch in the future you’ll be covered by what this machine does.

There are 20 stitches for garment creation, including straight stitches, zig zags, hemming stitches etc.  As well as those there are 20 decorative stitches, 7 quilting stitches, and 6 heirloom stitches.

If you need to make buttonholes it can help you out there and there are 7 different types of styles you can choose from.

features and specification

  • LCD display stitch selector
  • 60 built-in stitches
  • automatic needle threader
  • oversized table for quilting and large projects
  • 9 accessory feet – Walking foot, Spring action quilting foot ,Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Blind stitch foot, Buttonhole foot and a Button fitting foot
  • hard protective case
  • size – 16″ x 6.7″ x 11.4″
  • weight – 13lbs
  • 25 year warranty

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What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to scour the internet to get a general view of what people have said about this machine.

As I said at the beginning of this review – this is one of the most popular machines around and is one of the best sellers around.  It has lots and lots of reviews online – well over 6000 – and with that many I’m pleased to say that at the moment it still scores an average of about 4.5 out of 5 and around 75% of people rate it 5.

The positives of this machine tend to be the ease of use, the price for what you get and the fact that you can do so much with it.

There are some negatives though and a couple of things that come up often are that it isn’t so good for sewing through very thick materials and problems with tension.

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This is a special machine, there’s no doubt about it.  I think it makes an excellent sewing machine for beginners right up to advanced like myself.  No, it’s not going to compare with industrial machines but it’s pretty good for the price.  Computerized machines do have that worry of going wrong, but the positives far outweigh this for me and even more so at the current price of this one.

Singer 1234 review – simple but up to the job?

This is probably one of the simplest sewing machines that are around right now without going down the path of getting a toy machine.  It’s basic enough for even children to have a go on and learn the ropes of sewing and the fact that it’s also an extremely budget choice makes it even more suitable for kids.  In this Singer 1234 review I aim to go through the pros and cons of this machine to help you decide if it’s for you or not.  I hope you find it helpful.

Our Singer 1234 review – so simple!

What this sewing machine has going for it is what it lacks.  It doesn’t have a fancy sewing computer to figure out, it doesn’t have a host of sewing stitches to choose from and it doesn’t have a huge price tag.

If you’re not sure whether you’re going to enjoy sewing or you just want something basic to have on hand for the odd clothing alterations and repairs then you’ll likely want something like this Singer 1234 sewing machine.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, you really can’t go far wrong with a good brand like Singer for a sewing machine.  They have been around for so long now that they really know what they are doing and have excellent customer service too.

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Simple and easy to use – excellent for beginners

Some people find that as a beginner you really don’t want too many choices.  Simplicity can be key while you’re fiddling with sewing pattern pieces, tension, different stitches etc and this one is extremely simple.

Although it’s simple that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work and you’ll find it’s so much better than some of the toy machines that you can find on the market.  This is especially important if you’re looking to buy for a child as it can be hard to decide whether to go for a real one or not.

It’s a really sturdy machine which is something you need to bear in mind as anything too light might move when you’re using it which makes it harder to learn.  This is a solid machine with a metal frame.  It’s still not too heavy to not move around though – it’s only a small machine so still light enough to carry.

A good first project with this machine would be a tote bag that could hold your machine and you actually get a free project sheet with the machine to make it.



6 built in stitches

Six stitches doesn’t sound like a lot, but I think, especially for beginners, that it’s pretty much all you’ll need.  The fact that you won’t need to be worrying which one to use means you’ll be able to focus on learning as much as you can and completing your projects too!

The stitches you get with this machine are Straight, Satin, Zig-Zag, Blind Hem, Scallop and the 4 step buttonhole.

The buttonhole works along side the buttonhole presser foot.  Attach it to the machine and it will automatically create them to the right size and length.  If you’re hoping to make clothes or anything with buttons this is a must and will really help you get good results!

Features and specification

  • 6 built in stitches with pre set length and width
  • automatic 4 step buttonhole
  • three presser feet included – all-purpose, buttonhole and zipper.
  • heavy duty metal frame – solid construction
  • automatic bobbin winding system
  • Tote bag project sheet
  • vinyls so you can customize the machine
  • weight – 9.8lb
  • size – W 13″ x H 11.5″ x D 7″
  • 25 year warranty

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What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to scour the internet to get a general view of what people have said about this machine.

There are well over 400 reviews online and it achieves an overall 4.2 out of 5 so quite a few positives!  It’s popular with people who just want a machine to carry out repairs, as a gift for children and also those who want the simplest machine around.  I’d say this is exactly the kind of people who I would recommend this product to.

Downsides to this model and the main complaints are that it can jam up.  This might be inexperience with tension and getting that right though, so definitely needs a bit of experimenting.  Definitely don’t give up!


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In conclusion the Singer 1234 is a great little sewing machine that is not only fun and customizable, making it great for kids, but also one that really works and that works well!  Working well is something that doesn’t always happen – this sewing machine can definitely handle the basics.