What’s the best light for sewing room?

One of the main excitements for me this year is doing up my sewing room – it’s been pretty much my sewing machine in a spare room for ages, but this year I’m converting it to a full on craft room!  It’s a pretty dark room even in the height of the summer and in winter it’s not the most welcoming so I’ve been searching for a good sewing lamp.  I wanted to share with you what I’ve found to help make the choice of the best light for sewing room easy for you too!

How to choose the best light for sewing room

When I was looking for a lamp for sewing I wanted a few things –

  • it had to be a free standing lamp.  I want to be able to move it should I need to.
  • It had to be able to be angled – again with sewing we need the light in certain parts!
  • It had to provide good natural light – I suffer from migraines and bad light does not help.
  • Energy efficiency was also important.
  • It had to look nice!  I didn’t want an ugly plastic lamp.

Ok, so with that in mind here’s my top 4…

Sewing room lamp reviews

Brightech Lifespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

This is the one I chose personally and I think you’ll see why – it’s beautiful and I really love the addition of wood on the base and light fitting.

It ticked every single one of my wish lists above with a gooseneck that can be angled, a freestanding wooden base (you can get other colors too) and an energy efficient, yet bright, LED bulb.

The bulb is also dimmable so you can set it to how you want it to be.  The only downside for me is that it’s integrated in to the unit so when the bulb goes the lamp needs to be replaced – it does say that it will last 20 years so I have a while to worry about it.

What sold it to me was all the positive reviews on Amazon as well – if you want to take a look at the many thousand (!) on there and to see the latest price click here.


Lavish Home Natural Full Spectrum Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp

If price is a concern to you and you’re looking for the cheapest yet best floor lamp for your sewing room then I think this is an excellent choice.  It’s about half the price of the one I went for so a good deal.

It has many features such as the gooseneck that can be angled where you want it. The bulb in this one is replaceable and is also inexpensive when it does need replaced.   It lasts around 5000 hours.

One of the main issues with this one is that it isn’t very sturdy so if that’s a problem for you it might be better to go for a different lamp.  For the price though I think it’s definitely a steal.

Check out the latest price on Amazon here


Trond LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp


Now this lamp is pretty special because not only is it a floor lamp it can also be transformed in to a desk lamp by removing the poles.  I do like the different functionality but whether you’d do that often enough for it to be worthwhile as a feature I’m not sure.  Nice to have the option though.

It uses dimmable LEDs, which like the Brightech cannot be replaced, and can be set at 5 different lighting levels depending on what you’re doing.  It’s very sturdy with a decent weight base plate too.

As well as being able to be a desk lamp by removing the poles, you can adjust the height by using all or just some of them meaning it can be as tall as 70″.

This is a really good option if you want some versatility, perhaps if you want to use the lamp for different things.

You can see more reviews and the latest price of this model here.


Baltoro LED floor lamp

Finally we have this one from Baltoro which I liked for the fact that it wasn’t as expensive as some of the other options and for the fact it has diffusing cover which means the light is a softer and less harsh experience while still being helpful for seeing while sewing and crafting!

This has LEDs in that should last 20+ years and can’t be replaced and it is extremely energy efficient using just 12 watts.  It’s a fairly basic lamp but has all the features you’d need like a dimming option and an adjustable head.  It’s 65″ tall and comes in black or a light gray.

Check out the latest price of this lamp on Amazon here


I hope you’ve found this article helpful – getting the best lighting for your sewing room is such a life changing thing.  Ok, perhaps a little over dramatic but it will certainly make your sewing experience much more enjoyable with the right sewing lamp!

Best dress form for home sewing

If you’re at all interested in sewing clothes then investing in a dress form or mannequin is well worth it.  Finding the best dress form for home sewing might seem like a tricky task though so I hope you find this article worthwhile where I’m going through some of the most popular items on the market at the moment from the budget end to the more professional.

Why do you need a dress form for sewing clothes?

Put simply, it’s the best way to get your own measurements (or those of the person you’re sewing for) and see how it hangs as you’re piecing your clothes together.  You can see if it looks too tight over a certain part of you or too loose and you can add darts or take it in to see if it looks better.  Believe me, it’s easier on a mannequin than it is on yourself!

If you plan to make a lot of your own clothes I really think they are an excellent investment.

What to look for in a dress form

When buying a dress form you’ll want to bear in mind the following:

  • ease of adjustment
  • size range – especially useful if you’re sewing for more than yourself
  • where it can be adjusted – is it just bust, hips and waist or more?
  • how stable is it – you don’t want it falling over while you’re working.

Best dress form for home sewing – our reviews


Dritz Sew You Dress Form – small and medium


One of the most popular dress forms around at the moment is this one from Dritz.  I like it because it’s got a huge amount of features but without the professional sticker price.

It’s an adjustable dress form and uses 9 different wheels to enable you to make the form to your desired dimensions.

Make sure it will be right for your body shape you’re looking for though – the dimensions of the two sizes available are as follows:

Small – Bust: 33-40 Inch; Waist: 26-33 Inch; Hips: 36-42 Inch; Back Length: 15-17 Inch; Neck: 14-17 Inch

Medium – Bust: 39-46 Inch; Waist: 32-40 Inch; Hips: 41-47 Inches; Back Length: 15-17 Inch, Neck: 15-18 Inch


Easily adjustable with 9 adjusting wheels

Good price for the features


Available in 2 sizes – small and medium


although height adjustable, you have to measure the height rather than it being on a dial.  (no big deal if you won’t change it often)

plastic base which may be less than ideal if it gets heavy use


Ideal for:

This dress form is ideal for someone serious about dressmaking but not wanting anything too expensive.

Check out the latest price of the Dritz dress form on Amazon here


Singer DF250/DF251 Adjustable Dress Form


This a really professional looking dress form from Singer with a lovely and classic navy colour.  It’s adjustable in over 13 places and includes a nice easy height adjustment too.  The metal base is much more durable than a plastic one like above however it still can have some stability issues.


13 adjustable settings

easy height adjustment

metal base

1 year warranty



can be tricky to set up

not the most stable


Check out the latest price of this item on Amazon here


Dritz My Double Dress Form

Here we have another dress form from Dritz.  If you’ve a slightly higher budget and have more specific needs, for example a fuller figure or need a petite dress form, this one might suit you slightly better.  This range has 4 different sizes – Petite, Small, Medium and Large.  Check the link below or click the image and you’ll see what size each one covers.



easily height adjustable

10 adjustable body dials

can get one that is closer to your body size – goes from extra small to a fuller figure


Can be unstable


Ideal for… fuller figures!

Check out the most up to date price for this dress form on Amazon here

Singer Simple 3232 review

When looking for a good beginner sewing machine having something that is simple to set up is a must.  This Singer sewing machine is a great example of being easy to use yet it still has many features and sewing stitches to separate it from the most basic machines out there.  It’s perfect if you want something that will grow with your new sewing abilities.  I hope you enjoy this Singer Simple 3232 review and that it helps you in discovering if it’s the right sewing machine for you.

Our Singer Simple 3232 review

A simple and easy to use, yet not too basic sewing machine is the Singer 3232.  It has 32 stitches which will help with making your projects stand out yet it’s straightforward enough to use for both novices and people who aren’t even that bothered about learning and just want the easiest machine to do repairs on!

Singer is an excellent sewing machine brand and I would not hesitate to recommend their products – they have great customer service and parts are generally easy to find.  That’s what comes of being in the business for many years!

>>> Check out the latest price of this item <<<

Frustration free set up

The big selling point with this machine is that it has frustration free set up.  What that means is that, in theory, you should be well placed to be ready to be sewing your first project in no time.

So what does that really mean?  Well, the machine is definitely easy to use with automatic needle threading  (my favorite feature on any sewing machine!) and simple stitch selection using the dials on the front of the machine.  It has a completely automatic button hole maker too which is great for if you need them for making clothes or perhaps cushion covers and there are 4 snap on presser feet (all purpose, buttonhole, button sewing and zipper) which are nice and effortless to use.  No fiddling around getting the machine started, that’s for sure!

What I’d have liked to have seen would have been a top loading bobbin too – I find the front loading ones sometimes aren’t frustration free, but with a little practice it will become second nature anyway so that’s just a little negative from me.

32 built in stitches

The Singer 3232 comes with a nice number of stitches.  I say that because it seems like it’s not too little that you’ll need a few more and not too many that it becomes overwhelming.  I’d say it’s just about right that you can use the basics and have a few more if you have a desire to get decorative with your sewing.

The 32 stitches that this machine has the ability to use comprises of:

6 essential stitches – including straight, zig zag, and hemming

6 stretch stitches

19 decorative stitches

1 automatic button hole

Features and specification

  • Automatic needle threader
  • fully automatic 1 step buttonhole maker
  • 32 built in stitches
  • Free arm for stitching cuffs and sleeves
  • 4 snap on feet – all purpose, buttonhole, button sewing and zipper
  • free accessories kit
  • size – 15″ x 7.5″ x 12″
  • weight – 12.2 pounds
  • 25 year warranty

>>> See more about this item here <<<

What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to scour the internet to get a general view of what people have said about this machine and to help you decide if it’s right for you.

It has been reviewed over 100 times from what I’ve found, and it currently scores around 4.0 out of 5 so it’s not quite as popular as some of the other beginner sewing machines I reviewed.  However, it’s still a respectable score and so I think definitely worthy of consideration if you’re looking for an uncomplicated sewing machine.

The positive reviews tend to focus on the fact that it is great for beginners and kids to learn to sew with and I’d definitely agree with that.

The negative thoughts seem to be about the bobbin – many would prefer it to be a top loading design rather than the front loading.  It seems that I’m not alone in my thoughts there.

>>> Check out more reviews and buy here <<<


This is a good step up from the most basic machines that only seem to have a few stitches and features.  What makes this machine special and worthy of buying though is the fact that it is so easy to use – everything is simple and straight forward from threading the needle to stitch selection.  You’ll definitely be sewing in no time with the Singer Simple 3232!