Best dress form for home sewing

If you’re at all interested in sewing clothes then investing in a dress form or mannequin is well worth it.  Finding the best dress form for home sewing might seem like a tricky task though so I hope you find this article worthwhile where I’m going through some of the most popular items on the market at the moment from the budget end to the more professional.

Why do you need a dress form for sewing clothes?

Put simply, it’s the best way to get your own measurements (or those of the person you’re sewing for) and see how it hangs as you’re piecing your clothes together.  You can see if it looks too tight over a certain part of you or too loose and you can add darts or take it in to see if it looks better.  Believe me, it’s easier on a mannequin than it is on yourself!

If you plan to make a lot of your own clothes I really think they are an excellent investment.

What to look for in a dress form

When buying a dress form you’ll want to bear in mind the following:

  • ease of adjustment
  • size range – especially useful if you’re sewing for more than yourself
  • where it can be adjusted – is it just bust, hips and waist or more?
  • how stable is it – you don’t want it falling over while you’re working.

Best dress form for home sewing – our reviews


Dritz Sew You Dress Form – small and medium


One of the most popular dress forms around at the moment is this one from Dritz.  I like it because it’s got a huge amount of features but without the professional sticker price.

It’s an adjustable dress form and uses 9 different wheels to enable you to make the form to your desired dimensions.

Make sure it will be right for your body shape you’re looking for though – the dimensions of the two sizes available are as follows:

Small – Bust: 33-40 Inch; Waist: 26-33 Inch; Hips: 36-42 Inch; Back Length: 15-17 Inch; Neck: 14-17 Inch

Medium – Bust: 39-46 Inch; Waist: 32-40 Inch; Hips: 41-47 Inches; Back Length: 15-17 Inch, Neck: 15-18 Inch


Easily adjustable with 9 adjusting wheels

Good price for the features


Available in 2 sizes – small and medium


although height adjustable, you have to measure the height rather than it being on a dial.  (no big deal if you won’t change it often)

plastic base which may be less than ideal if it gets heavy use


Ideal for:

This dress form is ideal for someone serious about dressmaking but not wanting anything too expensive.

Check out the latest price of the Dritz dress form on Amazon here


Singer DF250/DF251 Adjustable Dress Form


This a really professional looking dress form from Singer with a lovely and classic navy colour.  It’s adjustable in over 13 places and includes a nice easy height adjustment too.  The metal base is much more durable than a plastic one like above however it still can have some stability issues.


13 adjustable settings

easy height adjustment

metal base

1 year warranty



can be tricky to set up

not the most stable


Check out the latest price of this item on Amazon here


Dritz My Double Dress Form

Here we have another dress form from Dritz.  If you’ve a slightly higher budget and have more specific needs, for example a fuller figure or need a petite dress form, this one might suit you slightly better.  This range has 4 different sizes – Petite, Small, Medium and Large.  Check the link below or click the image and you’ll see what size each one covers.



easily height adjustable

10 adjustable body dials

can get one that is closer to your body size – goes from extra small to a fuller figure


Can be unstable


Ideal for… fuller figures!

Check out the most up to date price for this dress form on Amazon here

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