My sewing goals for 2017

Although I want this website to be really useful and provide reviews of the myriad of products around today in the sewing world, I do want to keep it personal too and share what I am up to.

In 2017 I have lots of plans for my sewing.

  • up my quilting game

I began quilting a few years ago and really enjoy it – 2017 is the year that I plan to really get my head in the quilting game.  I’d like to make a memory quilt for one of my children who will be leaving home in 2018 and so I need to get planning, source my material and make a start!

  • use up my stash

Yeah, this one is tricky isn’t it?  Well it is when your stash is as big as mine!  I have plans to make lots of clothes this year and to also continue my tradition of making gifts myself for family and friends.

  • get a new sewing machine.

Yup – I have been so happy with my Brother C6000i but the time has come to invest in a better machine – perhaps a quilting one?  I am doing lots of research on all the models around and when I get it you’ll be the first to know!

  • sort my sewing room out

It’s too messy and not organized – goal for 2017 is to have it sorted, get some new storage areas and perhaps even a new sewing table.  Going to make some new curtains too and really brighten the place up.

  • learn to embroider

I haven’t mastered embroidery yet and I’d really like to.  Perhaps I can add some to the memory quilt I want to make.  I want to do hand embroidery not machine, so it’s going to take some serious commitment to learning and getting good enough!


Have you any goals for the coming year?

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